Sandblox Network:

Welcome to the official Website of Sandblox Network. Here you will find our online store. Sandblox Network is a new minecraft server that opened 1st February 2021. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to get in touch by discord and go to the relevant support channel.


Scheduled Outages:

( Any Scheduled Outages will be displayed here , these are usually for maintanence or for updates! 12 hours notice will be given on any scheduled outages )

If you experience an outage and it is not outlined above please contact our discord support immediately.

Please be respectful to our server players and staff. If you are not then you will be banned without anything else said no matter what rank or who you are. You can appeal a ban on discord.

Vote for our server: -

Minecraft-mp -

MCSL - http://minecraft-server-list.c...

Minecraftservers -

Please note that voting in game gets you points that can be used to buy ranks!